Afro Blast Night & Zava Matotra
15.09 / 22:30 / вход 400
A special evening with the hottest exponents of African music in Moscow, as well as invited masters from France and USA. A high end concert and improvisational event capping BAARAKAN Festival, a two days West African Drum and Dance Festival, the first international such event in Russia. 

The roster includes Zava Matotra, the hottest Afrobeat band in Moscow, which comprises people from the US, the Congo, Italy, Russia, and Nigeria. Team members explore the legendary African sound of the 70s and other related music of the Black Continent with a great interest. In addition to "classic" afrobeat Zava Matotra takes its own things inspired by tropical rhythms and jazz. The event will also include invited drum masters from Europe in an evening which promises to be on fire!

Attached please find some links to the artists involved in the event. 






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