Synthuosity - Halloween edition 2019
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KarMa Music совместно с Moscow Industrial Community представляют третий международный фестиваль электронной музыки - Synthuosity. В этот раз наш фестиваль посвящён празднику Halloween. 

★ The name AMNISTIA is both the program and a philosophy. In many languages it means amnesty. Amnistia releases their band-members from inactivity, provides freedom for creativity, it is an outlet, and their work is a verdict that their minds have transformed into sound.

★ NOVA-SPES was founded in the late 90s within a scientific project of the German University of applied science in Koethen - a small city not far away from Leipzig.
In 2011 they were signed by BRUNO KRAMM (DAS ICH) for his German label DANSE MACABRE and NOVA-SPES released 4 albums on it. Since the last Album WORLDWIDEWAR ZONE
NOVA-SPES is a part of the Moscow based label SCENT AIR RECORDS. All the last three albums entered the well known and important German alternative charts at least in the top5.
Ist very difficult to describe the art of music of NOVA-SPES but most of magazines Wort that ist completely the Right for all fans of DEPECEHE MODE, AND ONE and CAMOUFLAGE but
but also for fans of experimental music.
The band itself describes its sound as typical electronic NOVA-SPES-Sound.
NOVA-SPES will play for the third time in Saint Petersburg within one year but for the first time in Moscow. But not for the last - they love playing in Russia.

★ ALPHAMAY combine a modern synth pop attitude with iconic synth sound from the 80s. The band is known for their energetic stage presence and played stages in Germany, Belgium and the Netherland on their 2019 club tour. After the summer festivals, ALPHAMAY now crown their tour with shows in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

★ IN.VISIBLE is the Andrea Morsero solo project (italian musician, DJ, performer) publishing the first self-produced album HAVE YOU EVER BEEN? in 2014, produced recorded and mixed by Lele Battista (La Sintesi - Morgan - Violante Placido, etc.) the album receives excellent musical reviwes and it is performed on several prestigious Italian stage. In 2016 the single PEOPLE ARE STRANGE is released, an arrangement of the classic DOORS piece, which paves the way for IN.VISIBLE to the world of the Italian new wave (EX VOTO - ELECTRONATION - DARK SIDE OF BRESCIA - GARBO opening set) and the opportunity to perform live in Berlin in February 2017; thus opening the way to synergies with the artistic realities of the city and giving the right international dimension to the project. In November of 2016, Morsero is in studio to record the second album EXOTIC WHITE ALIEN, continuing to collaborate with Battista, the record is mixed by Paolo Iafelice (Fabrizio De Andrè - Ligabue - Stewart Copeland - Silvestri - Casino Royale, etc.) The LP marks a turning point compared to the previous one, including oriental and psychedelic influences, always maintaining the electronic design synthetic matrix.

★ HOLOCODER Тяжёлые биты, окутанные холодными волнами синтезаторов. Механический голос, который никогда не теряет силы. Вечная война внутри и снаружи нас, кровожадные боги, тоталитарный режимы, социальное разложение и могучие народы, растворившиеся в пыли истории. Всё это — в песнях старейшего действующего российского EBM/Dark Electro-проекта Holocoder.

Группа из Санкт-Петербурга с богатой историей была основана осенью 2001 года и с того времени претерпела несколько жанровых изменений - от электровэйва до готики и пост-панка на грани с панк-роком. Несколько лет назад коллектив вернулся к использованию электронных девайсов на выступлениях (драм-машина, синты), сохранив при этом живые элементы - гитара, бас-гитара. В своих идеях The Quinsy всегда тяготели к психоделии с нотками истеричного безумия, протеста против системы и прочих человеческих радостей.

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